Happy 50th Birthday, Star Trek!

Here’s to the next fifty years.

USS Enterprise

…to boldly go where no man has gone before!

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Integrated hangar bay

Unlike my 2007 Enterprise model, this version has an integrated hangar bay. This will allow me to have shots of shuttlecraft taking off and landing shown from a P.O.V. outside the ship. The integrated bay will be relatively low poly; I’ll still have a higher-poly version for closeups.

Integrated hangar bay

Integrated hangar bay

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Under Construction

A small sneak peek of something I’m working on.


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Ali Ries flies my Enterprise

Digital effects artist Ali Ries flies the 2007 version of my Enterprise model in her own groovy composition! See more of Ali’s gorgeous artwork at her website: casperium.deviantart.com. Thanks for sharing this, Ali! She’s a beauty.


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Enterprise orbiting Earth

In honor of today’s historic ruling in favor of marriage equality in Virginia, here is a new image of the Enterprise orbiting the Earth that I recently rendered. The background image of Mother Earth is a public domain image taken during U.S. space shuttle mission STS-71 of the Earth and the late, great Mir space station. You can view the original background image here.

Enterprise Orbiting Earth

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The Enterprise Visits the Orion Nebula

The Enterprise visits the spectacular Orion Nebula in this new image I completed over the weekend for a friend of mine. The background image is from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.


Enterprise Visits Orion

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